Management Portal



Management Portal

We care about not only making a payment system easy for your customers, but making sure it’s easy for you, too, while providing all the data you need. We work closely with your team to develop custom branding for the payment system, while allowing you to view and manage all end-user functions.

Knowing how vital data is to the health of your business, we provide all the reporting and analytics you need. Provide robust transaction reports to Finance or Accounting, while offering your Customer Service Representative powerful customer support tools. Basically, MyOnlineBill has got you covered.

The streamlined, simple, and user-friendly interface on the front end—what your customer sees—belies the power of the back-end system, which offers the ability to improve processes, provide outstanding customer service, and generate detailed reports. The Customer Detail Screen shows a snapshot view of all information that’s accessible on each customer: audit trails, activity log, bill and payment history, payment reversal, etc. Everything that is the center of all payments processing for Accounts Receivable is housed within the Management Portal.

Even if you’re using disparate systems and manual processes, MyOnlineBill has the experience and expertise to integrate everything in Accounts Receivable into a simple solution—both for you, and your customers. Taking manual processes and automating them can fundamentally transform your job, so you can focus on more important matters.


Robust Reporting

Everything Finance, Accounting, and Customer Support needs. A dozen reports are built in, but custom reports provide the report flexibility, giving you all the actionable data you need.

Powerful Visibility

The Customer Detail Screen provides a snapshot view of all information accessible for each customer—audit trails, activity logs, billing and payment activity, preferences—empowering your Support team to make the right decisions with the right data.

Custom Branding

With your brand’s look and feel built into our Management Portal, our user-friendly interface ensures you’ll be able to utilize all the data in the back end in a seamless, intuitive manner.